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Developing Our Deanery

This page is about Local Churches Growing Together across the Deanery of Mowbray .

It has links to some background information and  resources which will help local churches to work together more effectively.

  • What's going well in your church?
  • Where could you do with some more support?
  • How can we work better together across the Deanery?
  • How can we be more effective as a local network of churches inspiring, influencing and leading mission and ministry?
The Developing our Deaneries process is helping to answer these questions.  
Read the four page summary here.  

The full Developing Our Deaneries Report can be found here along with the new Deanery Standing Orders here

We are at a time of opportunity and challenge for the whole church.  You will find much more about this in the links below and resources which you can use with your local church.

The Priorities for the Diocese of York over the next Five Years are:  
  • To REACH the people we currently don't
  • To move to GROWTH
These have been introduced in the Transforming Our Diocese Roadshows and in a booklet which is available to download  here.
In the Deanery we are adopting the framework agreed by the Diocesan Synod in March 2017 which is explained here  by Archdeacon Andy Broom.  The Presentation which Archdeacon Sam Rushton gave at the Deanery Synod in October 2016 is available here.  The full Developing Our Deaneries Report can be found here  along with the new Deanery Standing Orders here.

This whole process has been summarised here by Rev Ian Houghton who explains what this will mean for local churches.  There is also an explanation of Mission Action Planning available here

Renewal and Reform

If you're still reading then you may want to understand more about the work that is going on at national General Synod level which is shaping us locally.  This link will take you to the Church of England pages on the Renewal and Reform programme.